Book finally published

Finally I reached what can be considered the finish line of my goal of publishing a book.  It’s self-published.  I’m sixty-six, I can’t count on an agent or publishing house to hitch their wagon to me.  Instead, I set out to accomplish the goal on my own.  At the moment it’s only available through Barnes & Noble.  Now I will try to put it on Amazon.

If agents and publishers aren’t involved, can you be sure that it’s any good?  Even if they were involved you couldn’t be sure it would be any good because it all comes down to taste and opinion.  You can get a free sample at though, so you have idea of what you’re buying or not buying.

This was a personal goal.  I wrote for it me and anybody else who will enjoy it.  The fact that I was able to recapture the joy of writing that I possessed when I was younger is the real accomplishment.  I’m three-quarters the way through the second book and I have the beginning of the third.  I look forward to writing till I die.

The book is a mystery titled Devil You Say.     The general kernel of the plot had been swimming around in my head for a long time.  It probably should be longer with all the time I took thinking about it, but  it ended at what seemed a good place.  The characters drive the story and when they decide to park the car, you park the car.  That is, if you can parallel park.  Otherwise you might end up driving round the block ad nauseam  looking an easier place to park.

Maybe now, I’ll find time to write in this space.

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