Mr. Holmes, Part II

My son reminded me that the last bit on the 4th season of ‘That Mitchell and Webb Look’  imagined Sherlock Holmes with Alzheimer’s.  A depressing thought for Holmes fans.  There were laughs, but overall it captured the tragedy of such a prospect with Holmes, at the end, whispering to a tearful John Watson, “I know…I […] Continue reading

Mr. Holmes

I enjoyed the film,  “Mr. Holmes.”  People who have little patience for Holmes stories not penned by Conan Doyle or not faithful to the Conan Doyle characterization of Holmes will not like the movie.  The movie presents an older Holmes.  One who has lived into the mid-twentieth century.  It’s been 34 years since his last case, which he […] Continue reading

Knight Errant

I’m just beginning this quest. Late as usual. I’m 65 and have just committed to writing a few books and doing this blog. Obviously, it’s about Mystery TV Shows, Movies and Books. I’ve titled this post as Knight Errant because that’s the way I see the detectives I enjoy the most. They are committed to finding […] Continue reading